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Consultancy and Installation

Consultancy and Installation

Sedum Supply has expert knowledge in the specification and installation of green roofs. We are able to provide quotations for the installation of green roofs or full green roof consultancy services for larger projects where this is required.

Green Roof Installation

If you would like us to provide a quotation for the full installation of your green roof, please email us a copy of your full roofing plan together with the location of the property and an approximate timing plan.

We will then produce an installation quotation for you and can arrange for the installation to be completed using our own installation team or a team of green roof contractors in your area.

Green Roof Consultancy

Sedum Supply Ltd have been working in the green roof market for many years and have a wide range of experience in all aspects of designing, specifying and installing both small and large green roofs.

We offer a free and impartial consultancy service* to Architects, Specifies, Designer and Developers – who are involved in any aspect of supplying a green roof for their clients

Our green roof consultancy service aims to provide you with:-

  • A full and better understanding  of the available roofing products on the market in terms of waterproofing and green roof design – with the pro’s and con’s of each approach.
  • An understanding of the design and installation considerations for all roof applications.
  • Advice on specifying green roofs, sourcing appropriate suppliers and products.

We provide our green roof consultant as a free service because we are concerned about the growing number of companies offering a green roof services without the proven horticultural or roofing experience. We everyone involved in green roof development to receive expert advice, ensuring a successful and enduring green roof result.

Sedum UK Grown
There is an increasing amount of living product being be shipped from various European countries for use in green roof design. We are particularly concerned about the environmental impact of excessive transportation and the poor survival rates because the products have not been acclimatised to the UK environment.

To overcome this problem we have set up sedum growing  plantations here in the UK to provide locally grown green roofing materials that are acclimatised to the UK environment and reduce excessive transportation.

If you want to ensure environmentally friendly sedum with a good UK survival rate you should specify sedum grown in the UK – please feel free to contact us for more information.

*Mclaw Roofing Ltd do not receive any commission or payments from third party roofing suppliers whose products and materials we recommend for use under our own green roof systems. Our advice is free and impartial and is included as part of our desire to give excellent customer service. All advice given is based upon our own 20 year roofing experience, working hands on with a wide range of products for many years. Our green roof consultant always aim to recommend the most suitable products for your design and of course your budget.