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Grab Adhesive

a thixotropic PU adhesive paste which cures rapidly to form an exceptionally strong water resistant bond.


The rubber support pads have been designed for paving complete with integrated spacing lugs. The pad will lift paving off the surface, making it ideal...

Levelling shims are used to alter the height of the paving pad marginally, or to change the angle that the slab is resting on the pad. 1mm, 2mm and 3mm...

Cross Spacers

If pavers wish to increase the size of the drainage gaps on existing paving, or need additional separation guides, the CROSS SPACERS are ideal. These...

Megapads feature significant benefits over other pedestals. These include: Very heavy duty Made from high quality virgin fibre polypropylene Large...

ASP Fixed Pad

ASP fixed pads are plain stackable support pads can only be altered in height by doubling, tripling in size or by adding shims of a few millimetres.

Most roofs are built-to-falls for drainage purposes. Where the level between the door threshold and the drainage outlet is significant, where the roof...

ASP Extra gives installers greater flexibilty as the height range per unit is far greater. They even have the height marked on the side of the stems. A...

Slope correctors are wedge shaped which clip to the underside of the baseplate on asp, td & megapad supports. They are designed to arrest the fall...

Wallbarn offer a variety of headpieces suitble for a number of differnet applications. All the headpieces are made from the same virgin fibre polyproplene...

Wallbarn is introducing a new tool in 2017 to help installers of paving to set their slabs directly up to the wall. The new Metal Edging Plate is a...


These specially designed self-levelling headpieces have been developed to give installers of paving slabs extra scope and flexibility to accommodate...

BALANCE pedestals are also available to accompany the EXTRA range. Again, the heights are different to those of the ASP EXTRA range, but if installers...

Accessories for Balanced Pedestals

EPDM Retention Trim Glue
£8.75   £6.80

For bonding retention trims direct to EPDM. Recommended 1 tube per 4 linear meter.


EPDM fixing kit. Contains all the tools you need to fit your EPDM waterproofing layer.


Sealant Gun

For use with EPDM Retention Trim Glue and Grab Adhesive


Aluminium trim connector for straight connections. To be used with Aluminium trims only.


16 - 18 Month Slow Release Nutrient - to keep your green roof in peak condition

Price is per metre squared.
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Aluminium corner connector piece for 1.5mm Aluminium retention trims.


Minimum quantity for "Corner Aluminium Trim Connector" is 1.

Slotted retention trim in black plastisol coated steel.

Price is per metre.
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A strong non-woven flexible geotextile fibre fabric used for added roof protection and good water filtration.

Price is per metre squared.
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Aluminium slotted retention trim 90mm high 1000mm long 1.5mm thick


Minimum quantity for "Aluminium Retention Trims 1.5mm 90mm high upstand" is 1.

Aluminium slotted retention trim in black. 90mm high 1000mm long 1.5mm thick. 

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Minimum quantity for "Aluminium Retention Trims Black Finish 1.5mm 90mm high upstand" is 1.

Aluminium Flexi Trim 1.5mm
£17.90   £14.85

Flexible Aluminium trim for bends, corners, and detailing.


Minimum quantity for "Aluminium Flexi Trim 1.5mm" is 1.