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Fine Blend Growing Medium MC1 25kg bag



Price is per Bag


A superior blend of lightweight water retaining aggregates and composted organic material, specifically researched and engineered to offer a unique self-sustaining growing platform. Only the highest quality materials are used in our MC1 product, utilising composted organic material from sustainable sources and  recycled clean crushed brick which is a second from the brick manufacturing industry containing no demolition waste. In addition a carefully selected blend of lightweight aggregate and pumice is added which offers a low density and high moisture absorption, which is lacking in lower quality substrates.

Our MC1 offers a well-drained anti-settlement composition and with the additional water absorbent materials used, creates a perfect environment for our Sedum Turf layer and for all drought tolerant plant species.

Loose Bulk Density: 800 – 900 Kg/m³
Dry Weight Approx. 900 kg
Saturated Weight: Approx.1200 kg
pH Value: 6.5 – 7.5

Properties: Growing Medium in 25 litre sacks.
Specification: Lightweight growing medium for extensive green roof applications with slow release nutrients.
Use 1.5 bags per m2 for sedum turf.  This gives 40mm depth.
Use 4.5 bags per m2 for wildflower turf.  This gives 120mm depth. 

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