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Fully Grown Sedum Roof Pack



Price is per metre squared.
Enter the number of metres squared you wish to purchase in the box below


Fully grown sedum roof pack to include: 20mm roof drainage system, 40mm pre-blended engineered growing medium and fully grown sedum carpet roll.

Saturated Roof Weight
Minimum roof fall 1: 120 58.3Kg m2 – 63.4kg m2

Benefits For the Building Owner:

Expand roof life 2x3 times (up to 60 years)
Reduce air-conditioning costs
Reduce winter heating costs
Storm water management tool
Up to 15 LEED credits
Government and municipality incentives
Improve public relations
Transform dead space into garden space

Benefits For the community:

Reduce storm water runoff
Reduce city “heat island” effect
Reduce smog and improve air quality
Reduce noise
Reduce energy demand
Improve aesthetics
Provide green space

Benefits For the Environment:

Prevent combined sewer overflow
Reduce carbon monoxide impact
Remove nitrogen pollution from rain
Neutralize acid rain effect
Provide habitat for wildlife

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