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Sedum And Wildflower SMART Box


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Minimum quantity for "Sedum And Wildflower SMART Box" is 1.

The SMART box – ‘Sedum Modular Advanced Roof Tray’ - comes as ready grown modular boxes which firmly slot together, each containing their own unique water storage system, and substrate, ensuring easy installation and no slippage. Ideal in hard to reach areas and sloping roofs were standard packs would be difficult.


 45 x 49 x 8.5 cm (4.5 SMART box per m2)


• Material:                  Polypropylene, provided with an UV-stabilizer

• Weight dry:             8 kg per SMART box / approx. 35 kg/m²

• Weight saturated:   11 kg per SMART box / approx. 48 kg/m²

Sedum species

Sedum acre, Sedum album “Coral Carpet”,

Sedum floriferum “Weihenstephaner Gold”,

Sedum hispanicum,

Sedum reflexum,

Sedum rupestre,

Sedum sexangulare,

Sedum spurium “Album Superbum”,

Sedum spurium “Coccineum” en Sedum spurium “Fuldaglut

Wildflower Species:



Kidney Vetch  


Common Knapweed  

Meadow Buttercup

Vipers Bugloss  

Bulbous Buttercup 

Lady’s Bugloss  

Wild Mignonette

Lady’s Bedstraw 

Small Scabious

Field Scabious  

Bladder Campion

Rough Hawkbit 

Oxeye Daisey   

Common Toadflax

Birdsfoot Treflax

Musk Mallow   

Wild Marjoram

Hoary Plantain

Salad Burnet

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