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Our Sedum

Our Sedum Plants

There is a wide variety of sedum species available and every one offers a different colourful hue from a diverse range of greens through to vibrant reds, oranges and purples and more autumnal browns. As well as offering a huge variety of colour, the different plants offer many different leaf types and flowers, resulting in a blend of beautiful textures when planted together.

At Sedum Supply we have become experts at mixing our different sedum varieties to create sedum turf with richly diverse colour, texture and flowers. This provides a naturally beautiful turf, which blends easily into natural landscapes or presents an oasis of colour in more urban surroundings.

Typically our sedum for sale contains a blend of up to 20 different varieties of sedum, ensuring the sedum remains beautiful throughout the year.

A typical blend of sedum plants provided by Sedum Supply


All the plants supplied by Sedum Supply are grown by us in our own fields on the Powys / Shropshire boarder. This ensures our sedum is of the highest quality. As it is UK grown it is fully acclimatised to the weather conditions ensuring it will grow well in most environments.

Our central location also ensures that most areas of the UK are easily reachable and road miles are kept to a minimum for all the plants we supply; this is often an important consideration when installing an environmentally friendly roof. We think you will find hard to beat!