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Green Roof Benefits

Sedum is an extremely adaptable plant. Its special properties deliver the following Green Roof Benefits: -

Low Maintenance – once established sedum forms a tightly knitted sedum carpet, which allows little room for the development of weeds and can be left largely unattended. This makes it perfect for use on sedum roofs.

Low Growing – sedum is a low growing plant, which generally reaches a height of 2cm to 5cm (up to 10cm when in flower). It does not become overgrown and does not require regular cutting or pruning – ideal when used on a roof which may not be particularly accessible..

Colourful Hues – by mixing a number of different varieties of sedum together, the turf is a beautiful mix of colours (greens, yellows, reds and purples) and textures. As an evergreen it continues to provide a changing display of colour throughout the winter months. When used to create a sedum roof it will provide a beautifully changing display throughout the year.

These properties mean sedum is particularly useful for use in out of the way and difficult to reach environments, as once laid, it will not require regular attention. It is therefore regularly used on roofs, roundabouts, road verges, central reservations and embankments.

Some sedum roofs and other projects our sedum has been used for are shown below: -

Sedum Roof on Self catering Holiday Lodge – Somerset

Sedum Roof on Stable Block – Cheshire

Flowering Sedum

Sedum Shed Roof

Sedum Supply Office Roof

Leeds University Performing Arts – Sedum Roof

Sedum Roundabout