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The Best Waterproofing for Long Lasting Roofs

The Best Waterproofing for Long Lasting Roofs…. EPDM RUBBER GRP Liquid Waterproofing you roof……… Confused about what to use on your roof to gurantee a watertight finish, that looks good and lasts. Sedum Supply are roofing experts and we wanted to share our advice and experience with you on this popular topic. We offer two […]

Sedum SMART Boxes for Luxury Green Roofs!

Sedum Roof Trays

Bright and Colourful Sedum Sedum Roof using our SMART Boxes Sedum Living Roof System Eco Friendly roofing Our Sedum SMART Boxes ( Sedum Advanced Roof Trays ) create luxury living roofs with vibrant colours and interesting species. It is important when building a green roof that it will be aesthetic to the eye as well […]

Sedum roof VS Wildflower roof

Wildlfower Turf

Considering a Green Roof System? But not sure whether to install a sedum or wildflower system? It is a common question for anyone investigating green roof systems. Both types of green roof have pros and cons…so which one should you choose? Many factors should be considered when installing a green roof system – Maintenance Both […]

The cost of a Green Roof System?

Wildflower Office Roof Installation

The most popular questions asked… much does a green roof cost? Well unfortunatley there isn’t an excat answer to this question. Why? Because there are many differnent options when installing a green roof system. Each one altering the finished cost. The cost varibles for a green roof are: Intensive green roof or an extensive green […]

Heatwaves….can green roofs really cool us down?

The heat island effect

Understanding Heat Islands – Why Green Roofs can cool us down! What is a heat island? The heat island effect – The term ‘Heat Island’ describes built up areas (urban) where temperatures are much higher than its surrounding rural areas. Everyone has experienced this, even in a small scale. The feeling when you walk from […]