Benefits of choosing a Green Roof

Green Roof Benefits

Green Roofs – The benefits

Green Roof Benefits

Green Roof Benefits:

In recent years we have seen green roofs poping up everywhere, from rural locations to our cities. Green roofs are becoming a popular choice over more traditional methods of roofing.

Why? Because more people are realising the many benefits they offer as well as being well supported by Goverment projects. With global warming becoming a worrying issue for the world the UK Goverment has been working towards stringent EU targets.

Green roofs inprove the aesthetic appeal of built up city areas and buildings situated in our rural countryside. They look much nicer than the plain greys & blacks of traditional building materials.

Roof Life Expectancy

Roofs need to withstand a variety of harsh and testing weather conditions in the UK. Our unpreditible weather can serverely damage commerical and residential roofs. Green roof systems are planted with sedum or wildflower, which both survive easily in bad weather conditions. The planted vegetation also provides a protective barrier to the waterproof membrane.

Green roofs offer a life expectancy 2-3 times longer than traditional roofing materials when maintaned correctly.

Flood Control

Flooding in the UK is on the rise due to Global Warming and the increase of buildings and developments. On average 75% of rainfall is running off causing excesss flooding. Green roofs provide a substainable drainage system. The vegetation and substrate can hold on average 60 percent of rainfall. A considerable amount more than conventional roofs that on average hold only 27 percent.

A green roof system will release water back into the environment slowly and naturally.

flood control

 The Environment

Environmentally friendly and substainable. The plants of a green roof system help improve air quality and decrease carbon dioxide. Wildflife is also effected by polluted air and the decreasing areas available for habitats. The green roof systems offer a healthy habitat for a variety of wildlife including birds, bees, butterflies  and many more.

Thermal Performance

One of the most popular benefits of a green roof system in its ability to boost thermal performance of any building. They provide great installation for the roof, preventing heat escaping in the winter and in return stopping heat from penetrating inside in the hot summer weather. The sedum and wildflower plants also have the ability to absorb the Sun’s rays, decreasing the amount of heat on the roof.


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