Frequently Asked Green Roof Questions

Here are the most popular green roof questions and their answers.

Why use Sedum Supply?

Sedum Supply was launched in 2007 as a sister company to McLaw Roofing Ltd, a highly successful roofing business. We have the expertise and experience to assist you with your complete roofing project. Therefore, if you require our installation service, please call us for further discussion.

Where do your living products come from?

All our living products are UK grown, therefore the conditions guarantee it will flourish and survive anywhere in the UK!

Does my roof have to be watertight?

Yes. The surface must have a waterproof covering before your living roof is added. We supply all the products you need to complete the work or alternatively we provide an installation service.

Can my roof support the additional weight?

Unfortunately we are not structural engineers therefore please seek independent advice. However for your information, our living roof systems, (provided you are on a minimum roof fall of 1-1:20) have a saturated roof weight starting at 58 kg/m2.

Why do I need retention strips?

You need a border to keep the living roof from falling off the sides of the roof. Upstands can be built in to a new roof or you may already have a small parapet wall. On existing roofs you will probably need to purchase retention strips which can easily be attached to the waterproofing. Unslotted trims are used on edges that do not have water draining from them. Slotted trims are for edges that drains in to your gutter, aiding the flow of water. Slotted trims are also used at 1m intervals on a steep roof to prevent slip – please call for advice.

Why do you sell pebbles?

Some people like to have a border of pebbles along the bottom edge of the roof. It aids drainage in to the gutter, keeping the water clean and preventing clogging of the slotted retention strips and your guttering. It is also possible to have pebble border all around your living roof, aesthetically providing a ‘picture frame’ effect.

What is Roofdrain?

Roofdrain is our pre-bonded 3 layer drainage system that sits directly on top of your waterproofing. The bottom layer protects the waterproofing, the middle layer holds water to feed the greening and releases excess water and the top layer stops larger roots penetrating through.

What aftercare is needed?

All living roofs would benefit from light watering if installed during hot and dry weather. Sedum roofs need little aftercare as they are weather tolerant and only require occasional weeding and also feeding every couple of years. Roofs containing wildflowers and grasses need more maintenance and annual trimming. We also offer a maintenance contract aimed at larger roofs – please call for details and prices.

When can I expect my delivery?

We aim to delivery all standard roof system orders within a week.

Why are delivery costs so high?

All our green roof systems are dispatched on pallets via the Palletline network. Obviously each pallet is of considerable weight. Costs are fixed per pallet and vary depending on your location.

How will the pallets be delivered?

Pallets are delivered by lorry with a tail lift to lower everything down to the side of that vehicle. When a delivery is made to a street address with no vehicular access, pallets will be lowered to the kerbside. The driver is not responsible for taking the pallets any further. Please ensure someone is available to sign for the delivery. Sedum Supply Ltd is not responsible for your goods once the scheduled delivery has been made.