Green Roof Maintenance Service

To help you maintain the optimum quality and freshness of your green roof we offer a bespoke green roof maintenance service to inspect and service your green roof.


Request a Quotation

If you would like a quotation for a maintenance service please contact us for a bespoke quote.
If the green roof was not bought from Sedum Supply we will require current photographs of your roof so that we can estimate the level of maintenance it is going to require.


Why do some green roofs require more maintenance than others?

Here at Sedum Supply we have always supplied quality products, grown in the UK, which should last for many years. But unfortunately a lot of our competitors scrimp on their quality and with the ever increasing demand for living roof systems, over the years we have noticed an increased demand for a little TLC (maintenance) on some other suppliers green roofs.

We are therefore happy to offer a maintenance service for green roofs which have not been supplied by us, but this may require some more intense work to bring them up to an excellent quality.

When we are satisfied with the condition of your green roof, we will set up an annual or two yearly visit in the early spring, to monitor performance and carry out any action required to maintain a beautiful, colourful roof year in and year out.