How do Green Roofs Work?

Green Roofs work in a rather simple way once you understand their structure and benefits.

A green roof is a simple construction which allows growth of vegetation on a roof. Suitable for most buildings with a roof pitch of less than 30 degrees. The Green Roof consists of several layers, starting with the waterproof membrane. Next a drainage layer,  growing medium and followed by the vegetation of your choice (Usually Sedum or Wildflower).

Remember your roof will need to be anaylised for weight strength. A green roof, especially when saturated, can weigh more than most traditional roof materials.


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Types of Green Roofs

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Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive green roofs are designed to provide a light-weight green roof with lower maintenance and a quick instant green finish. These are the most common types of green roof and here at Sedum Supply we supply and install extensive green roofs more often than other types.

Sedum is the most common choice for an extensive roof because is it highly durale against harsh conditions. It is more lightweight than other vegetation and cost effective. This type of green roof is easier to install and ideal fornew  bespoke roofs or exisiting roofs.

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Semi-Intensive Green Roofs

Semi-Intensive greens roofs consist of a deeper growing medium layer and drainage layer to provide a richer system. Therefore the semi-intensive green roof allows for a bigger range of plant variations including wildflower.

They are perfect to obtain a more aesthetic finish for areas where the roof is more visible. A higher level of maintenance is required with this type of green roof due to the vegetation and growing medium used. Our Wildlfower packs are perfect for bespoke roofs where native plant species are required.

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Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive green roofs are designed to resemble gardens that can be found at ground level. They include intensive landscaping and require a fully bearing roof space. Intensive green roofs are also know as ‘Roof Gardens’  and are ideal for public or highley visible roof areas.

Components of a Green Roof

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This is the basic structure of components for a green roof. Vegetation, substrate depth and drainage size can vary depending for type of green roof required. Our SMART Boxes are designed to incorperate all this into one simple roof modular tray  which can be installed directly onto the waterproof membrane layer. Our SMART Boxes can be purchase here.