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Heatwaves….can green roofs really cool us down?

The heat island effect

Understanding Heat Islands – Why Green Roofs can cool us down! What is a heat island? The heat island effect – The term ‘Heat Island’ describes built up areas (urban) where temperatures are much higher than its surrounding rural areas. Everyone has experienced this, even in a small scale. The feeling when you walk from […]

Low Maintenance NOT No Maintenance

Green Roof Maintenance Services

Green Roof Maintenance This is a huge mistake people are making after having a sedum green roof installed! “Sedum roofs are a low maintenance roofing solution, NOT No Maintenance.” Green roof maintenance is an essentional service to keep your sedum roof functioning efficiently.  Maintaining the roof system allows it to perform the same as the […]

The GRO code of practice for Green Roofs

What is the GRO and what does it mean? GRO = Green Roof Organisation. The Green Roof Organisation is for manufactures and installers of Green Roofs in the UK. An independent organisation which provides it members with guidelines for best practices for green roofs, setting standards for the design, installation and maintenance of Green Roofs […]