The GRO code of practice for Green Roofs

What is the GRO and what does it mean?

GRO = Green Roof Organisation. The Green Roof Organisation is for manufactures and installers of Green Roofs in the UK. An independent organisation which provides it members with guidelines for best practices for green roofs, setting standards for the design, installation and maintenance of Green Roofs in the UK.

The Code

This code has been developed in partnership with national and European experts, including The Green
Roof Centre at the University of Sheffield,, GRO (Green Roof Organisation) members, the
Environment Agency and Homes and Communities Agency and Groundwork Sheffield.

The code was first published in 2011 then revised in 2014. It provides manufactures, installers and anyone interested in green roofs, valuable information and advice on all aspects of green roofing. It includes specifying, designing, installing and maintaining living green roofs.

The code also includes details on structural requirements, drainage systems, fire safety, substrates, irrigation and all other aspects.

Where can I find the GRO Code of Practice UK?

Sedum Supply ltd recommends reading the code if you are planning on having a green roof installed. Whether it be a small sedum shed roof or a large commercial project. The code can be viewed here.