The cost of a Green Roof System?

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The most popular questions asked… much does a green roof cost?

Well unfortunatley there isn’t an excat answer to this question. Why? Because there are many differnent options when installing a green roof system. Each one altering the finished cost.

The cost varibles for a green roof are:

  • Intensive green roof or an extensive green roof? An intensive green roof is alot heavier, consisting of much more vegetation and substrate. Therefore an intensive green roof is more costly than an extensive green roof.
  • Which plant system you would like to use. Sedum roofs are very popular but some people opt for the wildflower biodiverse option. Wildflower roofs are more expensive than sedum roofs due to the range of plants.
  • Will you be installing it yourself or hiring a contractor and architect to design and install your green roof? Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money but you will need to understand the roof requirments to ensure your roof can support the system and how to install in correctly.
  • Green roof accessories….Will you require edge retention trims or a pebble border? All these come at an extra cost.

Green Roof Maintenance Project Hammersmith

As an estimate in the UK the average cost per square meter of extensive green roof system is £50-100, whereas an intensive green roof system is £60-150. Finally there is also ongoing costs to consider for maintenance and repairs. Even though green roofs are low maintenance they still need some care and attention once a year to continue preforming at their best.

With all that said , a green roof system is very cost effective compared to traditional roofing solutions. It offers many benefits to both the environment and living costs such as heating bills.