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Roofing experts, specialising in green roof systems & advanced waterproofing systems. 

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Sedum & Wildflower Green Roof Systems

sedum roof

Our Sedum

At Sedum Supply we have become experts in creating a high quality mix of sedum varieties to offer a turf with richly diverse colour, texture and flowers.

Straw biodiverse roof top

Wildflower Roofs

Wildflower roofs are not only attractive to local wildlife, but also to our declining bee population. It provides a wonderful display of wildflowers throughout the summer.

Sedum Modular Tray Sample

Sedum SMART Box

SMART box – ‘Sedum Modular Advanced Roof Tray’ - comes as ready grown modular boxes which firmly slot together, each with its own water system & substrate.

Hitchin EPDM

EPDM Waterproofing

Before laying a green roof it is important to ensure it is well waterproofed. Everything you need to waterproof your roof is for sale on our website.

Sedum Supply Projects

Our expert roofing team is available for all types of roofing projects up and down the country. Specialising in green roofing and waterproofing, our team are on hand to help you every step of the way. We have a large client base and aim to provide efficient, eco-friendly and beautiful roofs at affordable prices.

Here are just a few of our recent projects.

sedum roof

Cumbria SMART Box makeover.

A project in Cumbria gets a SMART Box roof installed! How to seamlessly blend a new building into its beautiful surroundings!

Straw biodiverse roof top

Happy Customer

We love hearing from our customers and this green roof is beautiful. The customer used our Sedum SMART Box system!

Sedum Modular Tray Sample

Large Roof Project Starts in Southall

2000+m2 of various roof finishes inc Flexitec 20/20 inverted ballasted roof areas, single ply, decking and green roof areas.

Hitchin EPDM

Claremont Fan Court

600m2 completed on time at the new science and technology buildings for Fleetwood Roofing Division.